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Family-owned since 1969, Hitch & Trailer Supply Co. Ltd. provides custom and pre-manufactured trailer hitches for light trucks and tow vehicles to customers in the Greater Toronto Area, North York and surrounding area. We have professional personnel available to install and sell all of your trailer hitch needs.

We began with our proud owner, Frank, who had already been in the trailer industry for many years prior to opening this shop in 1969. Integrity, respect and his quirky characteristics were the cornerstone of his success. Frank was later accompanied by his son, Lorne.

"As a team, we’ve done our utmost to make this company one that still upholds the ethics of “value for your money” and “it’s better to do one thing and do it well!”


"Get hitched by us … because you won’t see anything nicer looking on someone else’s car!"

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At Hitch & Trailer Supply Co. Ltd., "Trailer Hitches Is Our Only Business." Because we specialize in only one type of item, we’ve learned to do it exceptionally well over the years and our customer service is unparalleled.

When customers walk through our doors, they’re guaranteed to find the best variety of trailer hitches because we have the largest and nicest looking inventory of hitches and accessories they aren’t likely to find elsewhere. We will help you find the best possible fit for your vehicle, no matter what make or model you’re driving!

Our customers are also assured that a professional is always on-hand to answer any questions they may have or to provide expert assistance. We also offer competitive pricing – we’re committed to providing the highest quality product for the best possible value.

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